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K.V. No.3,Colaba Alumni AssociationK.V. No.3, Colaba, Mumbai

KVS Alumni Association Network

Building Kendriya Vidyalaya Alumni Network

“KVSALUMNI.COM” enables meaningful alumni engagement through an exclusive alumni portal for all the KV across world.

Personalized Member Communication

Create and browse profiles and get to know what your fellow alumni are upto. Get connected by send messages to each other or starting a discussion

Online Alumni Directory

Search people by Company, Profession and Location

Social Networking

One can browse profile, send personal messages and also collaborate with one another with discussion Foums

Events and Calender

Schedule an Event and keep all alumni updated regaring activities conducted.

News and Annoucements

  • View posted news announcements
  • News images/captions
  • View archived news
  • Summary view of latest articles with link to full news article
  • Ability for members to submit news request to be added to site

Photo Gallery

  • View approved submitted photos
  • View personal member galleries with captions

Efficient Content Management

The latest information can be uploaded using WYSIWYG editor to the site

Create Unlimited number of pages and easily link to your site.

Forum / Message Board

  • View message board topics and replies
  • Create new topics
  • Reply to existing topics


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